Chairman’s Message

On the occasion that Meisam Paper Co. has stepped into its third decade of activity, I note with great pride and pleasure that the company has successfully positioned itself among the few producers of high-quality fluting paper in Iran.

We continue to strive for business excellence through total commitment to quality and provision of excellent service to our customers. Pursuant to the company philosophy “Quality is our Destiny”, we have employed appropriate technology and applied tight quality assurance measures in every stage of production to achieve utmost customer satisfaction.

While we do our best to expand our capabilities, we are fully committed to be an environmentally and socially responsible enterprise. Our water treatment facility and integrating environmental standards into our business processes are good examples of our environmental efforts.

In order to get where we are today, we have worked diligently to overcome all difficulties. We have poured our efforts into building customer recognition in our products and brand name. I therefore would like to express my profound appreciation to our personnel who have contributed to this success through their hard work and dedication.

Leading Supplier


Excellent Service








Established in 1996, Meisam Paper Co. has grown into a top producer of packaging papers in Iran. Our product portfolio includes high-quality Kraft liner, test liner and corrugating medium which are used for different industrial packaging purposes.

We have continuously strived to be a strategic supplier for our clients through developing our capabilities and pursuit of growth. We closely collaborate with our clients to understand their market needs and create value together. We have entered into strategic partnership with several clients in different industries. This has helped our clients to have high-quality carton boxes just in time with minimum warehousing and logistics costs.

We are committed to protecting our environment and serving our society. Therefore, we have integrated environmental management into our entire business processes and at any stage of the process, from the purchase of raw materials through quality development, marketing and distribution, our goal is minimizing environmental impact on water, air, ground and noise levels. In addition, we have invested in decreasing use of natural resources and we work hard to promote a higher share of re-use and recycling in all our business processes.